Matching Siding and Roof Colors: 2024 Home Style Tips From The Pros

June 17th, 2020 BY First American Roofing

Whether you’re getting a new roof, new siding, or both, you want your home to look better than the day you bought it. Getting the right materials and style down is one thing, but what about combining the right colors? 

There are definitely some dos and don’ts when it comes to matching siding and roof colors, so let’s see what the industry pros have to say. 

Matching Siding and Roof Colors Trends for 2024

Getting the right color match can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal and could even end up looking like a brand new house. Let’s go through some trending colors for 2024 that can make your home look amazing. 

The most popular color trends for 2024 include:

The style of home you have and your region can also dictate what colors are common, but where we are in the Midwest, these colors are extremely common.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Roof and Siding Color Combo

There are many things to consider before making the big decision to go with a color for your home. For example, when you invest in a new roof, you are locking in for at least 20-30 years of the same color. On the other hand, siding can be easier to change colors with paint or replace, but it’s still a significant investment—and you want to make the right choice.

So before you land on your colors, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Q: Do you want a subtle appearance or a drastic contrast?

Even the most minor color adjustment can make a drastic change to the appearance of your home. So if you’re looking for a significant change, consider something that goes well with your existing roof or siding color and gives a bold contrast. If you want something more subtle, choose something very close, if not the same color (but slightly off), for a beautifully blended appearance.

Like some people like more attention than others, the same can go for your home. Do you want people driving by to ogle at your new color scheme? Or do you want to blend in? Consider this before diving either way.

Q: What color is your trim, or what color do you want it to be?

You have to consider all of your home’s exterior elements when choosing your roof and siding colors. This could be your window trim, shudders, and even your landscaping. Do you have dark evergreen shrubs that might disappear if you go with dark green siding? Or do you have birch trees that would pop with a darker shade behind them?

And if you do want to do a complete overhaul of your home’s exterior, make sure your trim or shudders around the windows are changed to a complementary color as well. This is where the color wheel can come in handy—by choosing a triadic color scheme.

Q: Do you want warm or cool tones?

warm matching siding and roof colors

Warm colors are generally in the red, orange, and yellow families of color. In contrast, cool colors live among the green, blue, and purple families. While color theory says that complementary colors will always be on opposite spectrums, i.e., blue with orange, red with green, and yellow with purple, that doesn’t always work if you want a warm vs. cool spectrum.

A warm home might include some browns, reds, and orange tones in a similar color palette. Adding a blue or purple in there could really throw things off and make your home look a little too funky. Cooler homes use grays, blues, and whites to keep that cool tone overall.

Q: What are your neighbors doing?

Looking at your neighbors’ homes can help you decide on many different exterior options. Your roofing materials, landscaping, and even siding and accents colors can all be decided with the help of your neighbors. This is because your homes may be around the same age and style, so if one roofing material or landscaping works well for other homes, it will likely work well for yours as well.

How to Maximize Curb Appeal By Choosing the Best Color Combination

Some homeowners may feel inadequate in choosing the best colors for their roof or siding. Sometimes they think they should leave that to the pros, like an interior designer or roofing contractor. But in the end, you need to choose the colors you love that accentuate your individual style. So if you don’t think you have the eye for it, numerous tools and methods can help you.

Tools to Help Choose the Best Colors

Tips for Matching New Siding to an Existing Roof

Depending on the color of your roof, you may have limitless options for siding colors that can accent your existing roof and make it look just as new. These are some of our favorite combinations that we see trending in the industry today.

  1. Blue and gray hues + a complementary accent color. Bold colors are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to accenting cool gray and blue hues. Yellow is a complementary color of blue, so a yellow door or some yellow landscaping flowers can pop against its accompanying background of blues and grays. 

This combination could work as either a gray roof and blue siding or a blue roof and gray siding. Plus, mixing dark blues with light grays is a gorgeous contrast, especially between siding and window trims, plus your roof trim. 

blue and gray hue

  1. Dark blue + white trim + gray roof. For a more timeless color combination, the dark blue, white, and gray trifecta can be just what your home needs for a boost in curb appeal and a look that will last for decades. 

Dark blue with white trim is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, as bold colors stand out over neutrals. You can exchange blue for gray and have the same timeless look if you don’t want to be as bold as a dark blue. 

  1. Rich reds or greens + natural hues. For a more rustic look, homeowners may choose a rich tone like brick red, forest green, or even brown as their siding. 

Then, a nice tan or white trim can really pop. Add in your brown, red, or green roof, and you have a gorgeous look great for a craftsman home and homes in wooded areas.

red siding roof color

Tips for Matching a New Roof to Existing Siding

When choosing which roof color or blend to use, suggests finding a good contrast between your siding, shingles, trim, and roof. Choosing colors too similar won’t give your home the burst of color and curb appeal you want. 

They also suggest some great color combinations for siding based on your existing roof colors.

How to Style Your New Roof or Siding

A few other things to consider when deciding on your roof include the size and shape of your home, the pitch of the roof, and the materials of your siding. 

A house that features textured siding or other elements like brick or shale would benefit most from a simple roof of one color and less stylized. A patchy roof made of different shades could clash with your home’s brick or stone exterior

If your home has a lot of roof surface area, a dark color could completely take over and swallow up any light or color you want to enhance on your siding. A lighter roof would be less intimidating and hide better amongst large surface areas. A lower pitch roof could benefit more from a dark color. 

Benefits of Increasing Your Curb Appeal

Increasing your curb appeal can give you confidence as a homeowner, increase your home’s resale value, impress your friends and neighbors, create a timeless look, and prolong the life of your home. 

A new roof can improve your home’s performance and preserve your home’s interior as well as avoid issues such as water and air leaks and keep your HVAC systems running efficiently. 

Our GAF Factory Trained and Certified contractors have the knowledge and the resources to help you match your siding and roof colors no matter if you are replacing one or the other or both.

It’s our job to help you increase curb appeal and create the house of your dreams. For a free estimate, fill out the form on our website. We look forward to serving you!