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Matching Siding and Roof Colors: 2022 Home Style Tips From The Pros

June 17th, 2020 BY First American Roofing

Whether you’re getting a new roof, new siding, or both, you want your home to look better than the day you bought it. Getting the right materials and style down is one thing, but what about combining the right colors? There are definitely some dos and don’ts when it comes to matching siding and roof colors, so let’s see what the industry pros have to say. 

Matching Siding and Roof Color Trends for 2022

Getting the right color match can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal and could even end up looking like a brand new house. Let’s go through some trending colors for 2020 that can make your home look amazing. 

If you don’t know where to start, companies like James Hardie have a house color visualizer tool that can help you plan the look of your new siding based on colors, material, and home style. Try that out on their website here. They also have a gorgeous gallery of siding inspiration that you can peruse and admire for fun, or use to plan your re-siding. 

Some of the most popular color trends for 2020 include white, tan, grey, and darker hues like dark grey, dark blue, and slate. The style of home you have and the region you live in can also dictate what colors are common, but where we are in the Midwest, these colors are extremely common.

Our Favorite Color Combinations for Matching New Siding to An Existing Roof

Depending on the color of your roof, you may have limitless options for siding colors that can accent your existing roof, and make it look just as new. These are some of our favorite combinations that we see trending in the industry today.

matching siding and roof colors

Blue and gray hues + an accent complementary color. Bold colors are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to accenting cool grey and blue hues. Yellow is a complementary color of blue, so a yellow door or some yellow landscaping flowers can really pop against its accompanying background of blues and grays. This combination could work as either a gray roof and blue siding, or a blue roof and gray siding. Plus, mixing dark blues with light grays is a gorgeous contrast especially between siding and window trims, plus your roof trim. 

matching siding and roof colors

Dark blue + white trim + gray roof. For a more timeless color combination, the dark blue, white, and gray trifecta can be just what your home needs for a boost in curb appeal, and a look that will last for decades. In fact, dark blue with white trim is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, as bold colors continue to stand out over neutrals. You can exchange blue for gray and have the same timeless look if you don’t want to be as bold with the dark blue. 

matching siding and roof colors

Rich reds or greens + natural hues. For a more rustic look, homeowners may choose a rich tone like brick red, forest green, or even brown as their siding. Then, a nice tan or white trim can really pop. Add in your brown, red, or green roof and you have a gorgeous look great for a craftsman home and homes in wooded areas.

How to Match Your New Roof to Existing Siding

When it comes to choosing which roof color or blend to use, suggests finding a good contrast between your siding, shingles, trim and roof. Choosing colors too similar won’t give your home the burst of color and curb appeal you want. 

They also suggest some great color combinations for siding based on your existing roof colors. If your siding is red or gray, consider any of the following roof colors; black, dark gray, dark green, dark brown, or dark blue. 

A white, blue, or beige house can work great with brown, black, or gray roofing. In fact, a white house can work with most roofing colors, but combining a dark blue or dark green with a beige house can be a beautiful contrast. 

Lastly, if your house is brown, your best bet is to go with a black, blue, green, or charcoal roof. If you choose brown, make sure it is not the same shade of brown, but use shades lighter or darker, or a blend of shades. 

How to Style Your New Roof or Siding

A few other things to consider when deciding on your roof include the size and shape of your home, the pitch of the roof, and the materials of your siding. 

A house that features textured siding or other elements like brick or shale would benefit most from a simple roof of one color and less stylized. A patchy roof made of different shades could clash with your home’s brick or stone exterior

If your home has a lot of roof surface area, a dark color could completely take over and swallow up any light or color you want to enhance on your siding. A lighter roof would be less intimidating and hide better amongst large surface areas. A lower pitch roof could benefit more from a dark color 

Benefits of Increasing Your Curb Appeal

Increasing your curb appeal can give you confidence as a homeowner, increase your home’s resale value, impress your friends and neighbors, create a timeless look, and prolong the life of your home. 

A new roof can improve your home’s performance and preserve your home’s interior as well as avoid issues such as water and air leaks, and keep your HVAC systems running efficiently. 

Our GAF Factory Trained and Certified contractors have the knowledge and the resources to help you match your siding and roof colors no matter if you are replacing one or the other or both.

 It’s our job to help you increase curb appeal and create the house of your dreams. For a free estimate, fill out the form on our website. We look forward to serving you!

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