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Insulation in Holmen, WI
At First American Roofing and Siding, we pride ourselves on being Holmen’s top choice for insulation installation. Our expertise and dedication make us the community’s go-to experts for all insulation needs. With our professional team, we ensure each project is completed with the highest quality and efficiency. Trust us to provide exceptional service and enhanced comfort for your home.
"I called 4 different roofers to replace a broken roof vent. First American was very responsive and got the job done quickly. I am very happy with the service."
When it's time for a refresh to your home's exterior, the team at First American is dedicated to being your partner in the design ...
Skylights let the warmth and beauty of the sun into your home. And reflective sun tunnels (a.k.a. solar tubes) are becoming ...
Gutters are a vital part of your home. Trust the team at First American Roofing for professional installation that’s meant to ...
From leaks to damaged shingles to holes in siding (and everything in between), we are fully equipped to handle all of your roof ...
Experience Ultimate Comfort with First American Roofing and Siding's Premier Insulation Services
At First American Roofing and Siding, we offer top-notch insulation installation services to our communities. Our team uses premium products and materials to ensure maximum energy efficiency and comfort. With our certified professionals and commitment to quality, we guarantee reliable and effective solutions for your insulation needs. Trust us for exceptional service that enhances your home's performance and value.

5 Types of Insulation Damage To Look Out For This Year

As a homeowner, ensuring your house is well-insulated is crucial for maintaining comfort and energy efficiency. First American Roofing and Siding excels in insulation installation, offering expertise and reliability for your home’s needs. Here are three to five types of damage common in Wisconsin that can be mitigated through proper insulation:

1. Ice Dams

In Wisconsin’s cold winters, ice dams can form on the edges of roofs. Poor insulation allows heat to escape, melting snow on the roof which then refreezes at the edges, causing ice dams. These can lead to water damage and costly repairs.

2. Moisture and Mold

Insufficient insulation can result in condensation buildup within walls and attics. This excess moisture creates the perfect environment for mold growth, which can compromise structural integrity and pose health risks.

3. Drafts and Uneven Temperatures

Poor insulation leads to drafts and uneven heating throughout your home. This not only affects comfort but also increases energy bills as your heating system works harder to maintain a consistent temperature.

4. Pest Infestations

Gaps in insulation provide entry points for pests seeking warmth. Properly installed insulation acts as a barrier that helps keep critters out, preserving the integrity of your home.

5. Structural Damage

Over time, the freeze-thaw cycle can cause significant wear and tear on a home’s structure. Quality insulation helps regulate temperature, reducing the stress on building materials and extending the lifespan of your property.

By addressing these issues with First American Roofing and Siding, you can enhance your home’s comfort, safety, and efficiency. Investing in expert insulation installation today prevents future problems, ensuring your Wisconsin home remains a haven in any season.

Excellence, Integrity, and Trusted Service in Holmen

At First American Roofing and Siding, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Serving Holmen with dedication, our values center around integrity, trust, and exceptional service. Our expertise in insulation installation positions us as knowledgeable leaders in the industry. You can trust us for our reliability and professional approach, ensuring your home receives the highest quality care.

Peter Peterson testimonial image

Peter Peterson

First American Roofing was very professional from start to finish. When my insurance company didn’t want to admit my roof had hail damage, they stepped in and did all the needed work to prove it. Thanks First American!

Russ Kathrein testimonial image

Russ Kathrein

First American Roofing and its salesman, Anthony, were excellent. Anthony was on time for all appointments and communicated very well with me throughout the process. He stayed involved and even inspected the job for me taking pictures, as I was out of town during the install. They do top quality work that exceeds all standards. I highly recommend them.


Linda Thesing

Every member of their amazing team was so professional, personal and attentive to all the details of this whole project. Each and every person I dealt with during this process was completely amazing. I am by no means an expert on any of the things they did but I was completely comfortable with everything they did. I would have them come back for any other project they could do here but I am sure there is nothing else left to do! I love my home again!


Mark Wieser

We met with Mark to determine the type of siding we wanted and appreciated his honesty and no-pressure attitude. They offered the Everlast line, which we ended up going with for its appearance and low maintenance. Zeke and his crew did a great job- high quality work and very clean. We also got the pleasure of meeting with the owner Dallas. He was honest and fair with us and had a genuine concern that the project went well.


Rob Lenox

First American did all they said they would do. They were always available to address any concern. I would recommend 1st American roofing as trustworthy company to do business with.


Roberta Haugen

First American Roofing and Siding came out to give us a bid on the day we called them. Coltan answered all of our questions and was very professional. They were able to schedule our house washing in a timely manner. Their work was excellent. We would recommend them to you.


Jenna Sanchez

I recommend working with Paul Lentz. He is very helpful and nice. Our roof looks great. They had affordable pricing as well.


Randall Urich

Thanks to everyone at First American Roofing for a job well done! They are highly professional, fair priced, promised us high quality product and workmanship, and kept that promise. We highly recommend them.


Richard Seeks

Very professional from start to finish. You know exactly what they are doing and why. Cleanup is meticulous. I would definitely use them in the future but I’m not sure I can outlive the guarantee.



I am so relieved to have found a roofing company that was professional, friendly and thorough. Not only do I have an excellent quality roof, but it was also at the fairest price. First American really has an efficient system in place! They even have an excellent vinyl washing system that made my whole yard fence like new in no time. I will trust them again with my next home.


Damian Stanton

I have to say I was incredibly impressed with the team First American sent out to remove our ice dams. From the time the men arrived to the time they left, I saw hard work, professionalism and honesty. These are definitely qualities I look for in a company who is to be working on my home. I will definitely think about using First American again should I need any future work done!


Larry Messerly

Was very impressed. Known damage to the roof sheathing was replaced, rotted soffit replaced. Workers did a good job cleaning up and respecting property. Supervisor came the next day and only found a handful of debris they missed.


Becky Hamit

So glad we found First American for our siding needs. The crew was extremely professional and detailed. Site was always clean and picked up after each day. They encountered a couple issues on our home upon tear off and resolved them nicely before putting on new siding. Would highly recommend!


Bree Bushman-Lee

Mark came to our house and was very knowledgeable when explaining the issues for our roof and what they would offer. He offered 3 different options and took the time to explain everything to us so we understood what was going to happen. The project only took 2 days and the roofing team even worked while it was raining to make sure the roof got completed.  Everyone that I interacted with including Mark, Andrew, Scott and Ruben’s team were very professional and we will be going back for additional house projects.