James Hardie Siding: Benefits, Styles, & More

July 22nd, 2019 BY First American Roofing

James Hardie siding is one of the most reputable brands in the industry and is as beautiful as it is durable. They’ve been in business 130 years and have grown their reputation to become of the most recognized leaders in the remodeling industry, further proving the beauty, durability, and integrity of their products.

While a every contractor out there is familiar with James Hardie siding, there are plenty of homeowners left with plenty of questions like: what is James Hardie siding? Is fiber cement siding any good? And the most common question, is James Hardie siding worth it?

Today we are going to be providing an answer to these questions and more. Let’s dive into the top benefits so you can decide if you should install James Hardie on your home!

Benefits of James Hardie Siding

There are a variety of benefits that lead many homeowners to choosing James Hardie siding over other materials. If you’re looking for a siding that offers durability and styles, James Hardie might be the right choice for you. Here are some other reasons homeowners pick James Hardie.

Engineered for Climate

James Hardie® Building Products actually invented the fiber cement material of their products 30 years ago and designed exterior materials with different climates in mind.

They designed their HZ5 products to be resistant to shrinking, cracking, or swelling during wet to freezing conditions – best suited for Canada and the northern United States.HZ10 products are best for the southern states where hot, humid conditions, and the hot sun can wear away other products.

Engineering siding and exterior materials depending on climate make them stand out from the rest and can give you a home you love and holds on to that brand new curb appeal despite drastic climates or severe weather.

Read more about the HardieZone System

HardieZone System Diagram
Image from: https://www.jameshardiepros.com/explore/the-hardiezone-system

Design Options

A lot more goes into becoming the number one brand of siding in America. On top of being designed to be extremely durable, James Hardie® products come with a guaranteed 30-year non-prorated material warranty. The options for different designs are endless as well!

James Hardie® colors are developed using their ColorPlus® Technology where a combination of quality primer and baking multiple coats of color into the boards give their products a finish that is ultimately unique, long-lasting, and the most vibrant. Beyond color, your entire exterior can be installed as a cohesive unit with HardieShingles, HardiePanels, HardieTrim, and HardieSoffit of varying textures, shapes, and sizes. You can actually sign up on their website to get a free product catalog for download so you can see for yourself!

Installing James Hardie Siding

We’ve heard some contractors complaining that James Hardie® is a challenge to work with, and will recommend other brands of simpler, easy-to-install siding and exteriors. While Hardie siding does require some experience and top tier installation techniques, it is completely worth it for the homeowner because it’s meant to last for years and years. The combinations of siding, trim, soffits and the entire exterior have to work in cohesion, and with Hardie products falling into all those categories, it should be installed together to really end up with luxurious end results.

What is easy for the installer does not take into consideration the longevity of the product and care for the homeowner. They should be able to get exactly what they want and have their needs met no matter what. First American Roofing has highly trained professionals to install this choice line of siding products to bring your dream home to life.

professional crew installing home siding: james hardie siding installation

Getting the Best Home Improvement Experience

Don’t get jerked around by a contractor that is going to deny you higher quality products, because they want something easier. If you decide to join the 8 million+ other homes that have chosen this long-lasting, fantastic product, call First American Roofing, and we can make it happen! Not only are we experienced with James Hardie siding installation, but we are dedicated to doing what is best for our customers to ensure their home exterior is built to last.

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