6 Types of Roof Damages That Are Covered by Insurance

October 5th, 2023 BY First American Roofing

As we all go through life, it’s inevitable that we will face some bumps and bruises along the way. And if it is true for us, it is doubly true for our roofs! After all, your roof takes on a lot, being exposed to the elements day after day. From hail damage to roof leaks, there are all sorts of scenarios that require a roof repair.

However, many homeowners put off repairs, worried about financial setbacks. The good news? Your insurance company may be able to help you offset the costs! In today’s post, we’ll help you understand:

Does homeowners insurance cover roof damage? Keep reading to find out more!

Signs of Roof Damage

water stains on the ceiling from roof leakage

Before diving into insurance coverage, it’s cruc

ial to understand how to identify roof damage. Catching problems early can help prevent further damage and increase your chances of insurance coverage. Here are some common signs of roof damage:

6 Types of Roof Damage That Insurance Typically Covers

Now that you can identify roof damage, let’s delve into what types of damage are typically covered by homeowners’ insurance:

1) Storm Damage

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage caused by severe weather events, including storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and high winds. This coverage typically extends to shingle damage, structural damage, and leaks resulting from such events.

2) Fire and Smoke Damage

If your roof sustains damage due to a fire or smoke, your insurance policy will generally cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

3) Vandalism and Malicious Acts

Acts of vandalism that damage your roof, such as someone intentionally damaging shingles, may be covered by your insurance.

4) Falling Objects

If a tree limb, debris, or any other object falls onto your roof and causes damage, your insurance policy may cover the repairs or replacement.

5) Burst Pipes and Accidental Water Damage

In cases where a burst pipe or accidental water damage affects your roof, your insurance may help cover the cost of repairs, including fixing the damaged roofing materials and addressing resulting leaks.

6) Weight of Snow and Ice

Roofs damaged by the weight of heavy snow or ice dams are often covered by homeowners’ insurance policies.

5 Things Insurance Typically Does Not Cover

broken tiles on the house roof

While homeowners’ insurance can provide valuable protection, it’s essential to be aware of what it typically does not cover:

1) Normal Wear and Tear

Insurance policies are designed to cover unexpected and sudden damage. They generally do not cover roof damage resulting from normal wear and tear or age-related deterioration.

2) Neglect

If your roof suffers damage due to your failure to perform routine maintenance or make timely repairs, your insurance may not cover the cost of fixing the damage.

3) Flood Damage

Flood damage is typically not covered by standard homeowners’ insurance policies. You may need a separate flood insurance policy to protect your home from flood-related roof damage.

4) Earthquake Damage

Earthquake damage is another type of damage usually excluded from standard homeowners’ insurance policies. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, consider purchasing earthquake insurance.

5) Cosmetic Damage

Some insurance policies may not cover cosmetic damage that does not impact the roof’s functionality, such as minor hail damage that doesn’t lead to leaks.

The Average Cost of a Roof Replacement

Roof replacement costs can vary significantly based on several factors, including the size of your home, the type of roofing material used, and your location. On average, you can expect the following cost ranges for a roof replacement:

It’s important to note that insurance coverage for roof replacement may not cover the entire cost, especially if your policy has a deductible. Additionally, coverage limitations may apply, so it’s essential to review your policy and consult with your insurance provider for specific details.

Don’t Navigate the Insurance Process Alone!

Understanding how to file a roof insurance claim and what that will cover can be confusing for both newbie and veteran homeowners. Luckily, you don’t have to go through the process alone. At First American Roofing, we understand the ins and outs of the roofing industry and can help you understand what sorts of damage is covered by insurance and what is not. Got a question? Contact our roofing team today to set up your appointment!