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How to Prepare your Roof for Winter

November 25th, 2019 BY First American Roofing

It’s important to know how you can prepare your roof for winter, to avoid any issues during the spring thaw.

The first thing you need to do is clean out your gutters and downspouts to get ready to drain off the spring thaw. In the summer and fall, sticks and debris, especially leaves, can fall on your roof and fill up your gutters to where rain and thaw cannot properly flow through. Even if you are not directly under a tree, those late summer storms can bring a lot of mess down on your roof and wash a lot of it into your gutters. So, make sure the roof is clear of debris so water can flow freely when that snow starts to melt.

You can also get up and just give a visual inspection of any flaws that could lead to leaks or other damage. Look for cracked or loose shingles, or any loose nail heads sticking up. Those nail heads if left unattended could lead to loose shingles, or act as a snag for debris and not allow it to wash off the roof. Check your flashing along the house and corners of the roof, especially around the chimney and any odd angles, to avoid leaks from the heavy snow, and to allow it to flow down the flashing properly.

Now, we’ve mentioned before that if you notice stains on your ceiling, chances are you may have a leak in your roof. However, if you notice these new stains during the winter, it’s not necessarily roof related. In fact, typically if there is a leak like that in the dead of winter, the issue is related to poor insulation causing condensation build up in the attic. If you do find yourself with an issue like this in the winter, give us a call. We are well versed in home performance and how your entire home should work cohesively to prevent issues like this.

We want to say that you should always call a professional for any roofing issues, and especially if you feel uncomfortable doing any inspecting yourself. We want everyone to be safe and smart when it comes to doing anything with their homes, especially on the roof. We are happy to come out to your property and help you inspect the roof and anything else around the property before and during winter.

We are passionate about home performance and know the importance of every system in your home working properly for any of it to work at all. So, stay warm this winter, watch out for inefficient windows, heating, or ventilation. Located in Holmen, Wisconsin, First American Roofing is here to help. Call us at 608-247-5413.



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