Why We Look at Your Exterior as an Interworking System

July 2nd, 2019 BY First American Roofing

At First American Roofing, we are always going to look at your home’s exterior as an extension of the entire interworking system. Our repair division has come across situations where we find an issue that is potentially tied to something else in the interior or exterior of your home. We know everything needs to work in conjunction to one another for your home to run smoothly and efficiently.

Some examples of times when we were troubleshooting one thing, but unfortunately came across something else in the process. We had a customer call us with some issues with his rubber roof. We go out to the property to troubleshoot, and find that the problem was linked to some issues that should have, and could have been addressed, when he had his siding replaced a few years prior.

Another time we were able to make a discovery for our customer that explained why his roof was leaking due to the interworking system being broken. Initially considered a roof leak, we found that water was actually getting behind the siding because of windows not being taped properly during siding replacement on a prior renovation. We know that these three things need to work perfectly, and seamlessly (literally) to avoid any damage or surprises down the road.

We strive to be honest, courteous and give you the highest quality of work we can. When you call us with an issue, a leak, or something else going wrong with your home, we have a team we send out right away to get you an inspection as soon as possible. We want to give you peace of mind that when we are out on a project, and we run into an issue we will always bring it up immediately. We will explain thoroughly the what, why, when, and how much this side issue is going to affect the current repairs.

Give us a call and you can trust we will troubleshoot, identify, and alert you of any issues immediately, saving you time, money, and future headaches.

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