What Is Stone Veneer and Why You Should Use It In Your Home

November 15th, 2019 BY First American Roofing

What Is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is a form of siding that has the appearance of natural stone. It is made from a mixture of Portland cement, iron oxide pigments, and aggregates poured into a mold. It is often used as an accent siding option in modern homes.

Can Stone Veneer be Used on Interiors?

Now, manufactured stone veneer isn’t just for exteriors. It can be used on fireplace facings, a stove backsplash, and interior walls as well. In fact, most stone veneers are rated to withstand fire and smoke, so they can properly be installed indoors. A manufactured stone veneer fireplace can cost less than half of what a natural stone fireplace would go for, but with the same beautiful look. Manufactured stone panels make installation a breeze, and repair even easier. No complicated recuts or reinstalls of individual stones to fix any damage.

How Do You Install Stone Veneer?

The way we install it is fairly simple. We first pull off siding, then put scratch coating down, followed by our underlayments. We then mortar the system in and come back when it dries and grout everything in. We often install stone veneer during a re-siding project. Since we have to remove siding in the first place to install stone veneer, that can easily be implemented during that process. Many homeowners choosing to re-side their home, see the stone veneer and add that on as a beautiful addition to their garage or along their back patio for a sophisticated upgrade.

what is stone veneer accent siding

Is Stone Veneer Right For My Home?

Determining whether or not stone veneer is good for your home is a subjective question. If you don’t like the natural look stone veneer provides, it may not be right for you no matter how good of an investment it is. If you are looking to install it on your home, the number one question is if you like it. Now if you are concerned about stone veneer as an investment, we like to look at the ROI.

What is the ROI on Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is definitely the number one thing to use to increase the resale value of your home, while also getting the biggest return on investment. If you were to ever resell your home, you should be able to get back almost 97% of what you paid for the stone veneer installation. That and garage doors have a massive ROI when remodeling your home.

If you aren’t planning on reselling your home anytime soon, stone veneer is still something we highly recommend in terms of upgrading your home. A stone veneer exterior or interior accent wall is quite the change you can make in your home that brings it to a whole other level of sophistication. You will smile every time you pull into your driveway, looking at the beautiful stone that stands out amongst the usual siding you had before.

What is the number one thing you can do to your home when you consider remodeling?

what is stone veneer accent wall

With a huge return on investment, stone veneer is one of the best materials you can install on your home’s exterior during your remodel. Although natural stone can last nearly forever, it comes with more complicated labor and a heftier price tag.

This “faux stone” is much lighter, easier to install, and much more affordable. With the proper maintenance and upkeep, manufactured stone veneer siding can last anywhere from 20-75 years, and at least as long as the house it’s built on.

Stone veneer is a “faux stone” manufactured out of cement and natural aggregates. It’s as beautiful and sturdy as the natural rock it emulates. As you can see in the video above, we at First American Roofing & Siding can install stone veneer as a tapered sill around the perimeter of your home. It works great as an accent wall on the front or side of your home. If you are remodeling your front or back porch, they also look beautiful and sophisticated as pillars or columns leading to your entry.

There are Tons of Options When it Comes to Choosing the Right Stone Veneer for Your Home

stone veneer on garage

Your contractor can show you all the various options you have when it comes to stone veneer. From the different styles and textures to the colors and mortar, you should be able to get the exact style you want. You can choose from various shades of tan, black, greys — the options are endless.

A quality contractor can take a photo of your home and render the stone in various looks and places of your exterior in a program that will allow you to see how it may look. You can virtually design the exterior and end up with a product you really love and took part in designing before they ever begin applying the stone.

Making the Best Choice for Your Home

If you’re looking for a quality contractor to install your stone veneer, First American Roofing & Siding is right nearby in Onalaska, Wisconsin and we’d love to help you out. Give us a call at 608-783-3101 or at FirstAmericanRoofing.com.