Protecting Your Investment: Home Performance

September 30th, 2019 BY First American Roofing

Your home needs to work as a whole, and issues like ice dams or a moldy ceiling in the bathroom may indicate a bigger issue, and that your home is not working as a cohesive unit. From your basement box sills to your attic to the bathroom vents, these should all work in conjunction with one another, and our Home Performance Division ensures they do.

The following are some common problems that may actually be a sign of a bigger issue:

Ice Dams

Ice dams should not happen every year. First, the dangers of removing ice dams yourself are very high, and unattended they can fall or damage your home if they get too big. Ice dams are a sign that you have poor insulation and air circulation in your home and attic. First American Roofing can help repair and improve roof venting, air circulation through the vents and attic of your home, and add air sealing and insulation to prevent ice dams from happening every winter.

Ceiling Stains

If you’ve ever noticed stains on your ceiling after a rainy season, or after the winter melt, you likely have a leaky roof. A puncture or hole in the roof, or even small leak, is the second leading cause of stains on the ceiling. We will determine the position and resolution of your leak and help prevent future leaks while ensuring no mold remains.

Drafty Home

If you feel your home is too cold, despite your heat working, this could be due to poor circulation and insulation in your attic. Your attic may need air sealing and new or more insulation that will help keep heat in and cold out. We have had customers notice immediate results of cold rooms warming up after air sealing gaps in the attic alone, followed by insulation.

Mold in Bathroom

When warm, humid air from a hot shower meets a cool ceiling from a poorly insulated interior, the result can be mold. It can also be from poorly ventilating bathroom fans. They should be cleaned and maintained to ensure they pull all the warm air out of the bathroom.

Repair and Prevention

If you call First American Roofing with one of these issues, you can expect a few things from our team. First, we will send someone out to your home to investigate the entire property and figure out the root cause of your problem. Second, we will send Dave or Jameson from Onsite Performance Testing to do a performance test on your home. It is also called an energy audit or blower door test. They actually pressurize then de-pressurize your home, then use a thermal camera to find where all the inefficiencies are.

We will also check your water heater, furnace, bathroom and kitchen fans and determine a plan to solve your problem. Our team will lay out the process for you whether you need insulation in your basement or air sealing in the attic, we will explain every step of every process we will take to reach our end goal. You will know, in detail, everything we are going to do before we ever step foot on your property.

Let First American test and manage your home’s overall performance. Knowing the signs of moisture or some area of your home not working properly can affect the rest of your home and be a sign of a bigger issue. Call us anytime for a free estimate and consultation.