Protecting Your Big Investment: Exterior Repairs

September 4th, 2019 BY First American Roofing

When you are spending money on exterior repairs, or any repairs on your home, you are making a big investment. That investment shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it should be something that puts value back into your home, not just creates a temporary fix.

We want customers to know that when an emergency situation happens and you need repairs NOW, we have a dedicated small projects team that can come out to your property right away to diagnose, repair, and solve your problem. Whether it’s a fallen tree on your roof, or a leak, we can do temporary repairs immediately to ensure you are safe and leak-free while we assess the damage and get a full repair done. Your safety and security are important to us and we always recommend you call us in the case of emergency, and never attempt to repair or get up on your roof without a professional.

The best part is we will never try and upsell you on other services. We want you to feel secure in that your problem was diagnosed and fixed as it should be, and we don’t offer you anything that you don’t need. A fallen tree to us does not indicate an opportunity to upsell you on new siding, windows, full roof replacement – unless any of those apply directly to the damage. If we come out to repair even the smallest thing, we will do that for you. If we ever notice anything outside of the immediate request we will only let you know and advise on what we recommend. We will never tell you you need something that you don’t.

In our video, you can see we are working on replacing some skylights on a homeowner’s roof. They had reached out to us regarding a leaky roof, and we discovered the skylights were the root cause – so replace the skylights is exactly what we did. A tell-tale sign your current contracting company isn’t protecting your investment is if they are coming out to repair the same or related problems over and over. Offering temporary solutions to long-term problems is not them looking out for your best interest, and taking your investment seriously.

We at First American really pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose early and correctly and repair things on your home that will last you for years and years to come. We want to instill that trust with our customers to believe in us to do the work we say we’re going to do, and call us again for any problems or renovations they want to make in the future. We offer a multitude of services that can always, always be added on to our repair services, but never pushed upon you. We promise to always leave your home looking better than before it was damaged.

Contact us via our website or give us a call and we will give you a FREE estimate for any repairs and renovations you need. Remember, in an emergency, our team will be out to help you right away. Don’t hesitate to call 608-291-3129.