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How to Use Sun Tunnels to Brighten Your Home

July 15th, 2019 BY First American Roofing

Sun tunnels are a great option to bring soft, natural light to your home where skylights aren’t practical. They have a small footprint, bring energy savings, and require minimal renovations to install. First American Roofing uses VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylights that can be installed within an afternoon, making it one of the fastest and most inexpensive options you can find.

What Are Sun Tunnels?

Sun tunnels are a way to bring natural light into your home without having to do a full renovation or installation of a skylight or windows. If you have closets, hallways, or bathrooms that are just too dark, a sun or solar tunnel might be just what you need. These are places where there’s likely little to no natural light coming in, and light fixtures can only light so much. Sun tunnels can come with features like built-in bathroom fans, and solar energy to gather power throughout the day and remain lit after sundown!

Installing a Sun Tunnel.

Sun tunnels are installed so that the natural sunlight coming down on your roof, gets collected in the dome and reflects or shines down the tunnel into the fixture in your ceiling. There are different shaped domes that can bend or reflect light, so you can get light in your house at all hours of the day. There are also different types of tunnels depending on the location of your install, they may be flexible tunnels to work around structures, or straight tunnels when there is an open space to put it in. For example, the tunnel will need to go from your roof, through your attic space, and into the ceiling of the room where you want it installed. An expert at First American Roofing and Siding can help you determine the best set up for your home that will not only look great, but also save you money.

Save on the time commitment and expense of a remodel by taking advantage of our promotional Sun Tunnel installation for under $725*.

Adding a Sun Tunnel® Skylight is a cost-effective way to add natural light to areas that need a brighter, more vibrant appearance.  Using natural light from Sun Tunnels to illuminate your space allows homeowners to use less electrical energy, therefore reducing monthly expenses as well as creating less heat than electrical lighting, keeping your home comfortable year round.

*After Energy Star Tax Credit. Includes 4′ of tunnel, additional tunnel or accessories have additional charges.

Sun Tunnel Examples.


Benefits of Natural Light

Natural sunlight is as good for your physical and mental health as it is for bringing light into your home. There are measurable benefits that come with exposing yourself to sunlight each day. If you work indoors for most of the day, then go home to a place that doesn’t allow a lot of natural light in, then you aren’t getting nearly enough Vitamin D. The “sunshine vitamin” is a crucial nutrient to our physical health and has been shown to prevent bone loss, reduce weight gain, lowers risk of heart disease, and even various cancers.

Sunlight also helps fight against seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, that occurs when seasons change into Fall and Winter when there are shorter days, but can be combated with more exposure to sunlight. Mental and physical health can tie directly to how much sleep you get, or quality of sleep you are getting. If there is an imbalance in either of these, and you are depleted of Vitamin D, you are going to get poor sleep. So more sun equals better overall health and well-being. Sun tunnels can help!

For more information or to get a free quote and assessment, contact First American Roofing. We can discuss what system is best for your home, and how to get the most out of your sun tunnel. Give us a call at (608) 305-2257  or email us at [email protected]

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