Tile Roof Cost: How Much Does a Tile Roof Replacement Cost In 2024?

March 12th, 2021 BY First American Roofing

Do you have a tile roof or want a tile roof but are worried about the cost?

Don’t fret; today, we’re diving into tile roof cost. We are going to give you some ballpark estimates about what it might cost to install a 2,500 square foot roof with tiles of varying materials. We’ll cover the three most common tiled roofs, which are clay, concrete, and terracotta.

Again, this is a ballpark estimate, and many factors can change the cost of any roof replacement. You should contact your local contractor for a more specific estimate based on your home and needs.

concrete tile roof

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Tile Roof Replacement

When customers contact us, more often than not, they are asking about price before anything else. What will this cost me? And how long will it take? We can give a pretty approximate idea of how much it will cost and an estimated timeline based on years of doing this, but in the end, several factors can affect how much your roof is going to cost. These factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

The size of your roof.

Obviously, smaller roofs will cost less than bigger roofs, and if you can come to us with your roof’s square footage, we can give you a more accurate estimate of what it may cost based on the average cost of materials and labor.

The type or style of roof you have.

Simple gable roofs are going to be easy to remove an old roof and install a new one. It’s a simple design with just two slopes—easy enough. However, some more complicated roofing types or styles can mean more slopes, steeper slopes, more valleys to seal, and other factors that lengthen the amount of time it takes to install. Plus, more cutting of materials to fit more customized areas.

How many boots or vents your roof has.

Chances are your roof has any number of plumbing boots, roof vents, skylights, a chimney, and other structures that require flashing, sealant, caulk, and extra care to ensure those seams are leakproof. These will mostly affect labor costs as we are adding extra diligent work to install these areas.

how vents and chimneys affect tile roof cost

If there is any damage.

Whether we know there is damage before or find it while we work, this can definitely increase both time and cost of materials for your project. This is especially true if we get up and start removing old shingles to find water damage underneath. This requires a much more extensive repair and installation that can halt progress by days to weeks. Getting a thorough inspection beforehand can help avoid these things and homeowners being honest about any potential damage we may find.

The area you live in.

Where you live can actually change how different permits and codes are obtained and met, which can affect project timelines and costs. It can also affect the cost of materials if you live in a rural area where it can be more difficult to find or ship certain materials. Cities, where roofing materials are easy to come by and ship very easily, can make all the difference.

The materials used.

And last but definitely not least, the materials used on your roof can make costs vary quite drastically. From basic materials and brands to more custom and premium brands and materials, you can expect a change in price from hundreds of dollars well into the thousands.

How Much Does a Tile Roof Replacement Cost?

Without considering all of the above reasons why your tile roof might cost more or less, we have put together some ballpark estimates of much it could cost. These estimates are based on national averages and have been tallied up based on a standard 2,500 square foot roof.

clay tile roof
Roof repair, worker with yellow gloves replacing red tiles or shingles on house with blue sky as background and copy space.

Clay Tile Roof Cost

Clay is one of, if not the, oldest type of roofing materials. It’s hard, heavy, and water-resistant. These tiles can last longer than your home as long as they are installed appropriately with the proper supports to hold their heavyweight.

Materials: $3 to $7 per sq. ft.

Cost Per Sq. Ft. Including Labor: $8 to $25 per sq. ft.

Total Estimated Cost @ 2,500 Sq. Ft.: $20,000 to $62,500

Concrete Tile Roof Cost

Concrete tiles are a little less costly than clay tiles as they are easy to come by, less heavy, and less water-resistant than clay tiles. They will also not last as long at closer to 30 to 50 years, which is still 2 to 3 times longer than a standard asphalt shingle roof.

Materials: $2 to $4 per sq. ft.

Cost Per Sq. Ft. Including Labor: $9 to $18

Total Estimated Cost @ 2,500 Sq. Ft.: $22,500 to $45,000

Terracotta Tile Roof Cost

Terracotta is by far the most costly tile roof of the three materials. They are carefully molded, and then the color is baked into them so they’ll never fade. These tiles are especially great for desert climates in the southern states because they will reflect the sun’s heat, keeping homes cooler overall.

Materials: $5 to $10

Cost Per Sq. Ft. Including Labor: $10 to $25

Total Estimated Cost @ 2,500 Sq. Ft.: $25,000 to $62,500

Terracotta tile roof cost

Is a Tile Roof Worth the Cost?

We hope this gives homeowners a good idea of what they might be looking at as far as cost when replacing a tile roof. These roofs may be more costly upfront, but they are highly durable and can last for decades upon decades. All in all, a tile roof is definitely worth the upfront cost.

For more roofing costs based on materials, check out our roof replacement cost round-up here. And to get started on your next roof repair or replacement, contact First American Roofing today!