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Protecting Your Big Investment: Soft Washing & Pressure Washing

August 12th, 2019 BY First American Roofing

When it comes to pressure washing –  Is it safe? Is it effective? Is it even needed? We’re going to answer some questions when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home, and why you might want to consider soft washing over a pressure wash for your home’s exterior.

Pressure Washing – Is it Necessary?

A lot of people will use pressure washing to clean the exteriors of their homes. At 2,000-3,000 psi, there is a risk of stripping siding, damaging gutters, and potentially getting water inside your attic through the soffits. Pressure washing may be more suited for washing cement patios and stairs. These can withstand that high pressure, and it can clean all the little divots and crevasses in the cement.

Soft Washing – How it Works

Soft washing is a much lower pressure, highly effective way to clean your home’s exterior. This method has a much lower psi, but uses special soaps and bleach to kill bacteria and actually remove dirt and mold as you spray. The majority of discoloring on siding, fencing, and your roof occurs from mold, rust or algae growth. Without these cleaning solutions it is probable the issue could come back again if you simply pressure wash.

Why Should You Soft Wash Your Home?

Because the outside of your home is exposed to the outdoors, nature and the elements are constantly affecting the exterior of your house. Mildew, mold, and algae eat and decompose surfaces of your home. By letting these substances fester, your home will slowly start to deteriorate. You might not notice it immediately, but the damage they can cause can be costly.  A soft wash will take care of these problems and keep your home looking brand new and your appeal looking sharp.

Signs You Need to Clean Your Exterior

In the picture above, you can see on the top photo there is considerable blackening of the roof. You can see it’s quite streaky near the top – this is a sign of algae growth. This growth not only discolors and wears the roof, but can cut its lifetime almost in half. Soft washing this roof made it look practically brand new, and this is an 18 year old roof with plenty of life yet to go!

Vinyl siding and fencing can end up looking red or brown from rust if they are getting wet from your sprinkler system. Soft washing works magic on these types of stains and will bring your fence or siding back to it’s untouched state. Composite decks in need of cleaning can go from absolutely filthy, to a spot-free clean with our soft washing system.

Check out this dramatic before and after of siding softwash:

Many areas of the home can be soft washed and the results are impressive, not only just for the appearance but for the long term benefit to your exterior.


The soft washing system by First American is more effective and safer than pressure washing, it lasts longer, and from our before and after pictures you can see it’s proven to work. So, before you go out and rent a pressure washer, give us a call for more information on soft washing, and a free estimate.

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