Why We Are a GAF Master Elite®️ Roofer

November 18th, 2019 BY First American Roofing

Today we want to talk about what it means to be a GAF Master Elite®️ roofer, and why we’re proud to be a part of that.

What it Means to Be a GAF Master Elite®️ Roofer

In the name alone, you know it’s an elite privilege to be a GAF Master Elite®️ Roofer. In fact, only 2% of the nation’s roofing companies will meet the strict requirements needed to become certified. The requirements include background checks, credit checks,  customer checks, etc. As a GAF Master Elite®️ Roofer, you must be re-certified every year, and be open to random manufacturer inspections at any given time.

GAF roofs cover 1 in 4 homes in the United States, and has been the choice company for roofing and weatherproofing your home for over 100 years. Being able to provide GAF-backed service and materials for your company is a huge deal. GAF is the #1 shingle in America and it’s an honor to provide major benefits for not only company employees, but for all the homeowners we work with.

GAF Master Elite Roofer Certification

How GAF Master Elite®️ Benefits the Homeowner

Homeowners can rest assured that by using a GAF Master Elite®️ Roofer they are choosing a team that has passed all the required inspections, follows the guidelines, and will install your roof per the exact manual – to a T. Homeowners should also be aware that the GAF-backed Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty we apply to your roof guarantees and protects our craftsmanship for 25 years. Even if your house gets sold, and has a new homeowner, that warranty can be transferred to them till the extent of the limitations.

Part of why we personally love being Master Elite®️ Roofers is that it not only gives us easy access to top of the line training for the team, but there is a veil of accountability held over First American to maintain this high level of professionalism. We want to uphold the values and privilege of having the honor of being GAF Master Elite®️. Homeowners can appreciate a company that has really put in the work to get such a certification, and that it will show in their work, interaction with the customer and of course, their craftsmanship.

All GAF Master Elite®️ Roofers offer professional installation, superior protection, and warranty options for their homeowners. When a contractor becomes a GAF Master Elite®️ member, they are supplied with top of the line educational materials, and ongoing training to maintain the superior quality professional installation. They will also be able to offer homeowners the GAF Weather Stopper®️ 3-Part roof protection package that protects them from common issues with roofs – giving them peace of mind. Being factory-certified allows GAF contractors to apply manufacturer warranties and other specials to projects. Homeowners greatly benefit from the GAF Master Elite, just as much as the contractors!

What it Takes to Become a GAF Master Elite Roofer

To become a factory-certified GAF Master Elite®️ Roofer, contractors must be able to provide four key pieces of information and meet an elite level of qualification. They must be properly licensed, have adequate insurance (for their own protection), show a proven reputation, and they must commit to ongoing professional training programs. Meeting these requirements, and promising to keep striving for the best, most high-quality installation with training programs and good service — that’s what makes a GAF Master Elite®️ Roofer. The certification is meant for those companies who have put in the work to build a solid reputation and focus on customer satisfaction. A company a few years old is likely to stand above the rest with good reviews and customer testimonials. Certifications are great to have, and are like a stamp of approval on your business, but they can’t be the only reason customers choose you. Companies who solidify those building blocks and have built trust with homeowners should be so proud to then carry the name of GAF with their brand as a level of achievement that they’ve earned and built as a small business.

We Are So Proud to be Part of the Program

We joined this program because we want to be the very best roofer there is. We choose to hold our company values and end results to the highest standard, and this certification helped us do that. The GAF Master Elite®️ Roofer program is unfortunately closed to new members, but we can’t recommend enough to other roofers to get certified. Knowing that we have the support from a company like GAF who has built a reputable name for themselves for over a century, and gives us the tools we need to rise above the competition with ongoing training tools and materials. We get to be the best we can possibly be.

For your next roofing project, go with a GAF Master Elite Roofer like First American Roofing & Siding. We would love to provide you with the highest quality service and materials you can find – give us a call to set up an inspection.