F-Wave Synthetic Shingles: A New Standard For Impact Resistant Shingles

July 19th, 2021 BY First American Roofing

F-Wave shingles are a new type of shingle that has innovated the way we think about roofing materials. They are made from synthetic rubber and steel, so they last longer than traditional shingles, and their resilient material resists impact damage better than any other product on the market. If you have ever had to replace your roof because it got damaged by hail or high winds, you know the pain of having to do so. Well, what if you never had to worry again?

What are F-Wave Shingles?

F-wave shingles are the most innovative shingle to bless the market. They are a hybrid of all the strong shingles from asphalt to cedar to slate but without their unfortunate drawbacks. They are flexible, strong, and beautiful, and First American Roofing now installs them.

So what makes F-Wave Shingles so innovative?

Well, while they are standing up to hail and 120mph winds, they also look great while doing so. No longer do you have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home in order to protect it. Not to mention, you can say “so long” to the timely and costly upkeep of asphalt, wood shingles, and slate. You deserve a premium upgrade to your roof, and now you can get one within your budget.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Current Roof with F-Wave

The evolution of shingles has brought us here. And with F-wave coming to market, you may find yourself wondering how obsolete your existing roof is? If your roof is well within its lifespan and has years to go, we wouldn’t recommend doing a full swap just yet.

However, when the time comes to replace your aging roof with a new one, we can’t recommend f-wave enough. Especially living in an area prone to severe thunderstorms that bring hail—it’s a no-brainer.

Lightweight Construction

F-wave shingles have been developed to be very lightweight without sacrificing strength. They have proven that you don’t need a heavy slate tile to ensure fire, wind, and hail resistance. They also wanted to make a shingle that was easy to install, and their lightweight nature helps to ensure that.

Easy to Install

These shingles were designed for easy installation. In addition to being lightweight, they also are just one single piece to easily install and contain no asphalt or granules for clean, straightforward installation.

Innovative Design

The commercial-grade polymer was the not-so-secret ingredient to make these innovative shingles lighter, stronger, and easier to install. They are also resistant to UV rays and weathering as they age.

High Impact Resistance

F-wave shingles are tested to withstand up to 130mph winds and are Class 4 rated against hail. They easily surpass the standards of other top shingles and let homeowners rest assured their home will be protected without a doubt.

Fire Resistance

These shingles come with a Class A fire rating: the highest possible rating a shingle can get.

High ROI

F-Wave shingles cost much lower than other roofing materials, especially when you consider all of the benefits you get from them. When you install these shingles, you are getting something that is lighter, stronger, and more unique than anything else on the market thus far. The payoff is huge when you choose to replace your shingles with these.

Different Styles and Color Options

These shingles have four distinct style categories to choose from: for example, their synthetic slate offerings, American blend and Estate, hand-split shake, and their class slate shingles (colors coming next year). Some of their style choices so far include Birchwood Blend, Charcoal Blend, Colonial Estate, Hampton Estate, Sonoma Estate, Woodland Estate, and many more to come!

Comes with an Incredible Warranty

Lastly, these shingles come with a one-of-a-kind 50-year warranty that will cover wind damage, hail, algae, and weathering. That’s one of the best warranties in the industry, and it shows their commitment to the cause. These truly might be the best shingles the roofing industry has ever seen.

The future of roofing has arrived, and we are happy to embrace it. To find out more about these innovative and premium shingles—check out their website, or call First American Roofing, today. We can schedule a time to inspect your roof and determine how we can get you a new F-wave shingle roof.