First American Protects Your Home With The Catch-All Roofing System

December 8th, 2021 BY First American Roofing

When you get your roof replaced, you already have enough to worry about, let alone make sure your home, siding, and landscaping are safe from falling debris from the job. Thanks to The Catch-All Roofing System, you have one less thing to worry about.

First American Roofing has always worked hard to protect the landscaping, siding, and area around our customer’s homes as we work on their roofs. Between careful installation, large dumpsters, and magnet nail pick-up when we’re done, we’ve strived to leave your home as spotless as we found it. Now, with the help of the Catch-All roofing system, we can guarantee it.

What Does the Catch-All Roofing System Do?

Well, simply put, the Catch-All roofing system attaches to your siding, gutters, or another part of your home while roofing work is done. It catches all the falling debris, nails, materials, etc., and keeps it off your lawn, landscaping, and out of the gutters.

First American Roofing adopted the use of these Catch-All systems, not only because it keeps your home free of damage and debris, but it makes cleaning up for us more manageable than ever. We can now be in and out in no time at all, without the hassle of cleaning every last bit of debris up off the ground manually. Instead, it now falls into the Catch-All nets and can be quickly whisked away and tossed in the dumpster with ease.

catch all roofing system

What’s Included in the Catch-All Roofing System?

There are two different systems offered by Catch-All: the landscape protection kit and gutter protection. The landscaping kit comes with large chute nets to guide debris to the ground, ground nets to capture all the junk, and landscaping nets for added protection of flower beds and bushes around your home.

The coolest part? Catch-All provides customized banners for contractors like us to put our logo on so as we work we get to showcase our name. Your neighbors can see that you’re working with a dedicated team of contractors committed to keeping your home as a whole, safe and clean.

The gutter protection system is an additional set of protectors that is safely set into your gutters and keeps out nails, materials, debris, and other junk that can fill your gutters, causing them to clog or leak over time. It allows us to quickly and easily pick up all loose debris as we work and not have to worry about someone stepping on them in the yard or making their way through the downspouts.

the catch all system catches all of the debris that falls

A Clean Yard Means Happy Homeowners

This new method of collecting roofing debris has become a major selling point to many homeowners. But it also sold us immediately. We think of all the beautiful flower beds and landscaping around customers’ homes we want to protect, and the time it takes us to clean up after a job, and even the air conditioners or other things around the house that can now be easily covered and protected with the Catch-All system.

Thanks to this new system, the First American Roofing team can be even more effective and efficient than ever before. This system has become a win-win for everyone, and we can’t wait to use it when we work on your roof.

roofing curb appeal

If a mess in the yard was a big concern for you and has kept you from scheduling that roofing service, you don’t have to worry anymore. The reinforced ground nets and landscape nets ensure your home is safe and that when we work on your home, you’re left worry-free with a roof you can be proud of.

To see the Catch-All Roofing System in action, contact First American Roofing and schedule your next roofing service.