Finding The Best Siding For Your Home: Tips From The Pros

February 5th, 2021 BY First American Roofing

Are you stuck trying to find the best siding for your home? With so many unique options on the market these days to choose from, making a final decision can be difficult. Plus, when it comes to picking out siding for your home, you have to consider many things.

You want it to be functional, secure, and protective while also boosting your home’s curb appeal. There are dozens of materials, brands, and types of siding out there, so deciding what to do can be quite overwhelming. You can select from a broad range of siding materials, such as:

If you’re still feeling uncertain about what’s the best siding for your house, this post should help you get a better idea of the benefits of each type and have a much smoother decision-making experience when it comes time to replace your siding.

Know What Benefits You Want From Your Siding

Since there are so many different types of siding, it should come as no surprise that each style can offer its own distinct benefits, and the more features a material offers, the more expensive it can be. So it’s important to know what you may or may not be sacrificing by going with a cheaper option or what you would be getting if you choose the premium one.

With all that said, here’s a helpful checklist of the absolute necessities you need to keep in mind when deciding what’s the best siding for your house:

  1. Durability against wind and storms
  2. Lots of color options
  3. Protection against leaks
  4. Impact-resistance
  5. Fire and insect-resistance
  6. Affordable
  7. Long life span
  8. Low-maintenance
  9. Unique curb appeal
  10. Simple installation/replacement
  11. A high-quality brand with good reviews

Think about all of these details as you search for new siding, and don’t be afraid to ask your contractor as many questions as you need about the pros and cons of each kind so that you know for sure which one will be best suited for your home.

professional crew installing home siding: james hardie siding installation

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Different Siding Materials

Deciding on the best siding for your house can be difficult since there are so many different colors, styles, and capabilities. That’s why it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of different siding materials to help make your decision easier. Here are some pros and cons of some of the most common types of siding people install on their homes:


Vinyl siding is a prevalent choice for many homeowners as it is very economical, and most brands offer endless color options. This affordable option is incredibly easy to install; some homeowners are even handy enough to do it themselves. Vinyl siding is relatively durable and long-lasting, with an expected lifespan of 30 to 60 years with the proper maintenance, of which it requires very little.

✅ Pros:

🚫 Cons:

Fiber Cement

Another siding option that’s starting to take hold in neighborhoods is fiber cement. This very versatile material is specially manufactured to be highly durable and can mimic the look of vinyl, cement, or even wood siding. Premium siding brands like James Hardie offer a wide variety of colors and styles while providing a durable solution guaranteed to last over 30 years.

✅ Pros:

🚫 Cons:


LP Smartside

LP Smartside siding is a super durable, engineered hardwood that often comes with a 50-year warranty. It’s much more costly than the average homeowner is willing to spend, but in the long run, it can work in your favor because it lasts over twice as long as cheaper vinyl options.

✅ Pros:

🚫 Cons:


While engineered hardwood can look very much like the real thing, genuine wood siding and shingles can’t be beat when it comes to boosting curb appeal. The overall look of the stained wood and textured wood grain are something that any home buyer loves to see, but it should be noted that this type of siding requires stringent maintenance each year. In fact, even with the best care and upkeep, wood siding will only last about 15 to 20 years before a replacement is required.

✅ Pros:

🚫 Cons:


As one of the most durable materials for residential siding (and roofing), metal has become more and more popular across the states, even in spite of its high up-front cost. Metal siding and shingles are solid and resistant to the elements, including wind, fire, and insects. With metal siding and roofing exploding in popularity, you’ll also see more options available for colors and styles.

✅ Pros:

🚫 Cons:


Brick is a timeless choice for siding that supplies your home with plenty of impact and curb appeal. It’s incredibly strong and long-lasting, and the classic look goes with most styles of homes, often utilized to complement other siding. It is typically installed in combination with other kinds of siding, keeping the central part of the home strong and sturdy while achieving a beautiful, varied look across your home’s facade.

✅ Pros:

🚫 Cons:

Stone Veneer

Another siding style that you’ll see used as more of an accent than an entire system is stone veneer siding. Stone veneer is engineered to look like natural stone but is much more lightweight, making this a more affordable and easier to install option than the real thing. Installing stone veneer is actually something you can attempt yourself, as it’s not the trickiest task for a skilled homeowner.

✅ Pros:

🚫 Cons:

Choose the Best Color Pairings

Once you’ve decided on the type of siding you want to install, you need to choose a color as well. Some materials like metal and brick will have minimal color options to select from, but other siding materials, such as vinyl, fiber cement, and engineered wood can come with quite an array of customized hues.

Not only do you need to choose your primary siding color, but you will want to ensure the trim, gutters, and other accents of your home pair well with your choice. Here are some of the best color pairings for siding and trim for your home:

best siding for your house light grey and white trim nice yard

Large beige house with green grass

best siding for your house by matching siding and roofing colors

Installing the Best Siding for Your Home

When it comes time to install your new siding, we are here to help! Working primarily with LP Smartside engineered siding, James Hardie siding, and vinyl siding, our compiled years of experience have well-equipped us to install the siding of your dreams and give your home to curb appeal boost it needs.

To help aid in your color or material choices, we can also do an entirely virtual design before we ever start production. You can see your dream home come to life right before your eyes and know you are making the right choice.

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