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Curb Appeal Isn't Just Landscaping

In the last 30 years, manufacturers have been using limestone in their shingles that algae, moss, and lichen feed on. Airborne algae spores can also be blown onto your roof and start feeding. Over time these algae can loosen up the protective ceramic granules on the shingle and expose the asphalt mat. Dark streaks are more apparent on the northern facing slopes because those slopes see less sun, keeping them damp longer and allowing the algae, lichen, and moss to thrive.

Some may believe that the dark streaking on their roof means it is time for replacement. However, our team at First American Roofing and Siding will inspect your roof and give you an honest assessment of the roof’s life. Many times the shingles are in great shape and just need a simple roof cleaning.

First American Roofing and Siding cleaning a roof.

    Applying an eco-friendly solution to kill algae, lichen, and moss.

We have an inexpensive, eco-friendly solution that can clean your roof in just one visit. This solution will not leave stains and is not harmful to your pets or plants. Once applied, the solution will instantly kill the moss, algae and fungus (black streaks) that are affecting the roof. We can then either leave the solution on your roof to be washed away by Mother Nature, or we can use a low-pressure washer to rinse the roof, quickly washing away the algae and moss down the slopes of your roof.

Once the roof is completely cleaned off, we will clean any soffit, fascia, gutters, or siding that may have gotten dirty during the process. We will be sure to leave your home with a little added curb appeal!

Also, be sure to ask us about power-washing other sections of your home.

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