CertainTeed - Is this your roof?

Compensation for Defective Shingles

Are the shingles on your roof curling or cracking? Are you seeing granules in your gutters and downspouts? There is a chance your shingle may be part of a class action settlement and there could be compensation for you.

Curling and cracking roof shingles.

Curled and cracked roof shingles.

Many homes in our area of the country had a certain organic shingles installed. These shingles were defective and caused premature wear. In some case the granules have come off completely.

The shingles that are the subject of this lawsuit are organic asphalt shingles manufactured from July 1, 1987 through 2005 under the brand names Hallmark Shangle, Independence Shangle, Horizon Shangle, Custom Sealdon, Custom Sealdon 30, Sealdon 20, Sealdon 25, Hearthstead, Solid Slab, Master Slab, Custom Saf-T-Lok, Saf-T-Lok, and Custom Lok 25. If you don't know if you have had these shingles installed, click here for more information.

To identify if you may be eligible to receive compensation from this Settlement, you first have to know if you are a Class Member. You are a Class Member if you have owned a building whose roof, at some time during your ownership of the building, contained CertainTeed Organic Shingles that were manufactured after July 1, 1987, and one of the following applies to you:

  • You were the owner of the building on December 15, 2009;
  • You sold the building before December 15, 2009, and, when you sold the building, you retained the legal right to make a claim on the CertainTeed Organic Shingles;
  • You submitted a warranty claim to CertainTeed regarding the CertainTeed Organic Shingles between August 1, 2006, and October 3, 2011.

If you feel you have had these shingles installed, are a Class Member and you would like assistance getting started with a settlement claim, we can certainly help! We will do a full inspection of your roof determining the life expectancy and confirming what shingle is installed on your roof. We will take pictures for your records and remove shingles if needed. Our team will even help you in filling out your claim form.

Give us a call or send us an estimate request today to get started on receiving the compensation you deserve! 


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